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Virtual Skin Care!

If you are missing your regular skin care treatments and need a little lift for your skin...

Enjoy the "Red Out" facial kit by Repechage for your at-home facial treatment.  This 4 step treatment reduces skin irritation from environmental stress and from our COVID-19 protective facial masks.

Custom blended brow tints are available

Text or call 203-239-1966 to arrange your shipment for self care at home!

10% off All DermAware Corrective Skin Care and Osmosis Mineral Makeup Products!

Not local? We will ship to you. Since the Studio has been on business pause, we continued to maintain a sanitary environment. All retail skincare products and packaging are hygienic for your safety and protection. For curbside pick up, we walk packaged products to your cars for continued safety.

The Gift Card Project

What if you could help those small businesses—and at the same time, say thank you. THANK YOU. To the nurses, and first responders, and medical researchers that every day take a deep breath and go out there to help in this time of pandemic? Or you can buy a gift card for someone facing financial hardship just to let them know we are all in this together. 

If you are looking to purchase a gift, I am happy to announce that Unlimited Potential is a participant in the Gift Card Project. It is a simple pay-it-forward program that supports valuable organizations in our shoreline business community. 

For more details, click here

Questions or need a specific product?

You may call or email the Studio anytime at 203-239-1966 or


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