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Do you know the difference between mechanical and chemical facial peel?

facial peel faqs

What to Expect Following a Peel


  1. Immediately post peel, you may experience patches or areas of redness.
  2. On days 4-7 post peel, you may experience tightness and peeling. This is expected as the old skin lifts and is replaced by new skin growth as the healing process takes place. If no peeling occurs, it is not an indicator that the peel is not working. The skin experiences microexfoliation on days 3-5 post treatment, so it is still working on your skin. 
  3. No bathroom surgery, please! Picking may cause scarring. It is best to allow your skin to rejuvenate naturally.
  4. Avoid hot water, excessive exercise (sweating) and heat to the areas peeled 5 days post procedure. This helps facilitate the healing process.
  5. Use sun protection SPF 50 (we have this available) daily and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.