Skin Care for Men

Unwanted Hair? Need a Waxing?


GuyBrow Architecture and The Groom 45.00 and up


We wax, tweeze and clean up. Our GuyBrow male eyebrow grooming targets between the brows and the tops of the brows leaving you with perfectly clean brows. We remove overgrown nose hair and hair in and around the ear lobes.


Other Waxing Services


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Ingrown facial hair? Acne? Razor burn? Dry skin? Fine lines? We have a remedy! Our skin care services are also a great complement following injectables, microneedling, and laser treatments.


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The GuyFitness Face Treatment


For all you yogis, athletes and fitness lovers, don’t forget about your skin! This intense deep pore cleansing facial rids the skin of impurities that lead to blackheads and breakouts. Deep pore extractions remove the blackheads. There is plenty of relaxation for the lethargic muscles of the face, neck and shoulders with soothing massage. We use ultrasound with customized serums to treat targeted concerns. We then use a pain-free electrode that eliminates bacteria and reduces redness. Your skin will feel healthy, vibrant and smooth.

75 minutes 140.00


Shaving Bump Fixer

Ingrown facial hair can result in folliculitis (shaving bumps) from dull razors and irritated skin.

This antioxidant treatment soothes inflammed skin and decreases skin cell damage.

75 minutes 140.00


The Unwanted Aging Skin Fix

This Vitamin C Treatment contains antioxidants that brighten and stimulate collagen synthesis. Stem cells protect against aging skin and damaging cells.

75 minutes 140.00

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The Salty Sugar Back Smoother

A steamy cleanse removes impurities of the skin. Like the facial, but targets the back. From bourbon to watermelon, our seasonal organic salt and sugar scrubs leave your back healthy and smooth. We relax the muscles with light massage.

35 minutes 85.00


Micro Blading for Man Brows

Make your brows more intense, and eyes more defined. This unique form of tattoo redesigns sparse, thinning and alopecia brows, resulting in the most natural look while simulating real hair. The micro blade tool is used to implant pigment into the skin. All procedures are performed by Board Certified Practitioner, Christine Zimmerman of A Nu Yu Studio.