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Hygienic Full Body Waxing Services

What makes a decent waxing experience? 1) Technique and 2) The Temperature of the Wax. As professionalism and attention to cleanliness are important, our goal is to make the experience as comfortable as possible.  Please be sure that hair growth length is at least a quarter inch.  This will allow for the wax to better grab the hair and for ease of removal.  If your hair growth is long, or it may be your first time waxing, please trim the hair before your session.  Sorry, we do not trim hair in our Studio prior to waxing for sanitary purposes.

In order to promote healthy skin and hair regrowth, we will recommend skin care products for at-home use.  Our goal is to collaborate with you on a system that is functional and one that works for you. Regular exfoliation (elimination of dead skin cell build up) is recommended to avoid ingrown hair regrowth and bumps in the area(s) waxed. We offer leave-on exfoliants that require no mixing or rinsing.  We also offer mechanical exfoliants (the kind that are rubbed into your skin and require rinsing - best used in the shower.)

Regular waxing appointments are recommended every 4 to 5 weeks in order to work with the hair growth cycle.  If you notice some hair growth within a week of being waxed, keep in mind that is normal as hair grows in 3 cycles - the long hair, the short hair and the hair that you cannot yet see.

With waxing, the skin is also exfoliated (dead skin cells are removed). Please avoid sun exposure and hot water within 24-48 hours of waxing.  These elements stimulate circulation and will contribute to inflammation, redness and discomfort.  If your skin is burned, irritated, or not intact in the area(s) you desire to be waxed, we will need to avoid waxing because we care about your skin and safety.

We take hygiene and safety seriously.  Here's what to expect:

No double dipping.

Disposable undergarments provided.

Breathing techniques to maximize comfort.

Home care maintenance products and reminders to prevent ingrown hair regrowth.

And yes, we are kind and compassionate.

Our "and up" pricing reflects that if hair growth is excessive, more time and product may be necessary.


EyeBrow Architecture  $25 and up

We educate on brow shape by suggesting ways to best accent them. We skillfully achieve the desired shape with a natural arch.  Eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Since the eyebrows shape the whole face, our goal is to make you happy and to achieve a good outcome.  Our makeup brow kits are a great complement to accenting the perfect set of eyebrows.

Lips (upper and lower) $18

Chin  $20

Arms  $35 and up

Underarms  $25

Bikini $50 and up

Brazillian  $65 and up

Half Leg  $35 and up

Full Leg  $55 and up

Men's Back  $55 and up

Men's Groom (Ears, Nose, Brow)  $45 and up

EyeBrow Tint $35

Our color products are designed to match your hair color without over or under coloring your beautiful brows.

EyeLash Tint $40

A great complement to accent your eyes and brows. Eyelash tint may be suggested prior to eyelash extensions for light blonde eyelashes. Our color products and technique provide a safe procedure with an effective result. Tint maintenance is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks.

Thank you for inquiring.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kindly notify us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. Thank You

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