Eyelash Extensions

EyeLash Extensions Full Set- $300

EyeLash Extensions Partial Set* - $175 to $200

Party "Cat Eye" Lashes $75.00

Eyelash Extension Consult Form

Our eyelash extension procedure entails classic technique, one lash at  a time is individually bonded to the natural eyelash. We use a medical grade adhesive for all eyelash procedures.  For eyelash extensions, we ask that you avoid caffeine the day of your appointment.  Please be prepared to recline and nap on the massage table.  Pillows and blankets are provided for your comfort. This allows for accuracy and stillness during this delicate and detailed procedure.  We assess eye shape and lash map in order to give you the proper design that best complements your eyes.


EyeLash Shampooing Kit - $48

EyeLash Extension In-Fills

We strongly encourage eyelash maintenance in order to achieve the longest duration for your eyelash extensions.  Avoid oil based products on and around the eye area.  Oil based products decreased the strength of the eyelash adhesive.  Avoid eyelash curling as this may damage the natural lash and diminish the bond of the extension. Avoid sleeping face down, avoid pulling or picking your lashes.  If you choose to wear mascara, be aware that mascara will decrease the bond of eyelash extensions. Remember to shampoo your lashes daily with a gel based, gentle cleanser. It is essential to maintain the health of your lashes even without extensions.

2 weeks $70

3 weeks $75

4 weeks $100

5 weeks $200

6 weeks $300


Eyelash Extension Removal  - $52

* A partial set is intended for one time use only.  We do not offer any fill options with the particular service.  Perfect for a one time special occasion.  Will last up to 4 weeks.

Makeup and Tinting

Our make up application services are designed to complement the beautiful you.  We first do an assessment on what makeup you currently enjoy.  We then design a make up plan that matches your purpose; either everyday, or for a special event.  Our Jane Iredale makeup products are healthy for your skin because there are no dyes, talcs or parabens. These mineral based products are easy to apply, so you can look your best in the shortest amount of time.

Makeup Lesson - 1 hour Consultation $75

Makeup Application - $75 and up 

Adhesive EyeLashes with Makeup Application - $95 and up

EyeLashes that are one time use and greatly dramatize the eyes and eye makeup.

EyeLash Tint - $40

EyeBrow Tint - $35

Lashes MD Eyelash Serum

Kindly notify us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. Thank You

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